Handheld computers for waste bins

Handheld’s Android-based Nautiz X2 is used to label waste containers.

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IP65, IEC 60529

Withstands daily use

Water resistance


Withstands light rain

Shock resistance

26 drops

Withstands 26 drops from a height of 1.2 m

Suitable for different settings

Using our labelling software “Uppmärkning”, file formats are adapted to suit different users’ preferences.

With three simple keystrokes, the barcode, RFID tag and GPS position are recorded. Information about the size or fraction of the waste container can also be entered using the drop-down menu. This data is then transferred to the administrative system, where subscription information is located.


Nautiz X2

Laser Scanner 1D

RFID EM + BDE standard, 125 – 134.2 kHz


LTE (4G) + WiFi

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