Profitable and sustainable weighing of waste

Robust, vehicle-mounted waste scales and software that makes weighing easy, delivers reliable statistics and ensures sustainable investment.

A leader in the weighing of waste

We are a leader when it comes to vehicle-mounted scales with RFID-based collection registration systems. Botek also leads the development of software for planning, executing and reporting collection services in the waste industry.

Rock-bottom operating costs

Our equipment is made to be used for many years with minimal maintenance.

Partnership with body builders

Vehicle body builders know how easy, efficient and friction-free it is to work with us.

Botek system, a well-known concept

Botek’s scales are well-known among body builders, municipalities and waste management workers.

Accurate statistics and fair costs

At every level, the requirements for waste management will only get tougher with time. In light of this trend, Botek’s scales and software represent a safe solution.

Evolution software

Efficient route planning and waste management software

Evolution is our software suite for streamlined waste management work. The software is developed for drivers, operation managers and administrative staff. The software covers everything from daily collection to strategic route planning and administration.

Streamlined waste management

Vehicle mounted scales

Our scales are well-known among body builders and are easy to install on all vehicles. With a vehicle mounted scale you have control over the total weight and you can record loaded and unloaded weight. All Botek scales are type-approved and can be verified legal-for-trade.

Sustainability through waste minimisation

Everything we do is focused on increasing recycling, encouraging waste reduction and offering products that can withstand wear and tear and rough handling for many years.

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