Barcode for waste bins

Printers and labels with a barcode for the waste container’s unique number.

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Wear-resistant labels for waste containers

Our label for labelling waste containers has been developed and tested to ensure good adhesion, withstand temperature fluctuations and remain legible after up to 15 years of outdoor use. 

The outer layer of the label is coated in a glossy polypropylene film that resists water, oil and chemicals. The print on the labels is applied using a Thermotransfer printer and a resin-based ribbon.

Print labels for your bins

The label printers we supply use the Thermotransfer method to print the ink on the labels. This method ensures the print won’t fade over time: a label can be used outdoors for up to 15 years and still remain legible.

Different printer models are used, depending on whether the labels are printed in the office or in a refuse collection vehicle.

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Labels & printers



100 x 50 mm (for mobile printers)

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