Dynamic and robust

Don’t waste time weighing. Our front loader scale ensures safe and precise weighing in the lift.

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3,500 kg

Robust with high capacity


5 kg

When accuracy is needed



Low investment and maintenance cost

No time wasted when weighing

Botek’s automatic weighing system for front loaders weighs all types of 4-wheel bins and containers. The scale compensates for the acceleration of the lift and the tilt of the vehicle, without limitations.

The user-friendly interface has a display that shows single weighing operations and total load. The system is prepared for pairing with an RFID system and can be integrated with Botek’s own routing software or third party solution.

The scale has been approved under the latest mobile weighing regulations and is developed for use in connection with financial transactions, i.e. billing based on collected or unloaded weight.

Lift safely and efficiently

As a user, you can immediately see how much weight you have currently loaded on the forks (and total weight). This means you don’t run the risk of lifting too much. You get an exact weight for every single container you collect.

Many advantages of front loader scale

Front loader scales offer many advantages besides the ability to record loaded or unloaded weight.

Accurate weighing directly in the vehicle

Safe and easy to use

Robust design with long service life

Display showing single weighing operations and total load

Exact weight for each container you collect

Easy to install directly or to retrofit


Front loader scale

MID and OIML R51-approved for weight-based billing

Low investment cost and easy maintenance

Built-in load cell


3,500 kg


5 kg






Front loader scales integrated with SUEZ Recycling’s software

PreZero Recycling AB is one of Sweden’s leading recycling and waste management companies with 66 local offices spread all over the country.

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