First scale installed in 1978

We develop, manufacture and supply mobile weighing solutions with systems for RFID-based collection recording and associated software solutions to plan, execute and report collection services within the waste management industry.

In 1978, Botek’s founder Bo Stålhandske installed the first on-board scale on a truck and the company has since then been focusing on mobile weighing systems. Today, we are happy to have about 40 dedicated employees in our own departments for software development, technical development and producing of electronic components. We have fitters, service technicians and support technicians in our facilities in Ulricehamn and Stockholm.

We believe in flexibility and are able to produce customized solutions with short lead times. We stock all spare parts in our own warehouse. In addition, we have consignment stocks at our trained service workshops with the most important spare parts.

For the growing international market, we collaborate with distributors who are competent and established in their market. They cover sales, installation, service and support.

Botek has two subsidiaries, Unisystem AB which develop scales for the marine industry and Elgab AB, which develop RFID technology.

During 2015 we built our new factiry and headquarters in Ulricehamn.

Since January 2023, we are part of Beijer Tech AB.

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Our systems

The systems we develop and manufacture include digital routes, bin identification via RFID and equipment for automatic weighing of waste. The information about each collection is recorded and reported in real time to the office, together with information about GPS-position and any deviations.

The RFID-system is developed to increase efficiency by minimize the number of missed bins, avoid collections for non-paying customers and verify executed jobs.

The weighing system trace overfull bins and containers and provide valid weight data for billing. This works as an incentive to sort out recyclable materials and reduce cost for waste management.

Botek’s solutions help waste contractors to achieve quality assured waste collection, which leads to an efficient operation and fair billing.

Flexibility and quality

With development and manufacturing of our own of both hardware and software, it is possible to deliver custom solutions for the specific needs of the client. We believe in flexibility and are able to develop special solutions with short lead times.

Within flexibility, there is also different integrations and collaborations. We have integrated our hardware to a lot of different logistics and route management software over the years. We highly value our successful partnerships with different software providers.

Quality and sustainability are also important for us. Our products are developed and tested over a long time for three main reasons; to develop and choose the best components, to install the system in a safe way that minimize physical damage during operation, and to real-time monitor the functionality of the systems to be able to handle errors without unnecessary delay.