Weight-based billing

Ideal for billing based on collected or unloaded weight and for unloading multi-compartment vehicles.

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24 tonnes

Up to 24,000 kg



Based on loaded or unloaded weight

Tilt compensation

10 %

Developed for mobile weighing

Weight-based billing

The Botek B6CV chassis scale has been approved under the latest mobile weighing regulations and is developed for use in connection with financial transactions in which billing is based on collected or unloaded weight.

As with our other scales, vehicle body builders will find the chassis scale easy to install. The scale is located between the chassis and the body of the vehicle, and is used, for example, to empty containers, underground containers, 4-wheel bins or when unloading multi-compartment vehicles for the weighing of individual fractions.

Chassis scale for all types of vehicles

Botek’s chassis scale is always on hand and always active, giving you control over the weight of your load in real time.

Rear loaders with and without a winch or crane

Front loaders

Hook lifts with and without a crane

Sewer trucks/vacuum trucks and bulk vehicles


Multi-fraction vehicles for weighing when unloading different fractions


Chassis scales

Accurate weighing directly in the vehicle

Developed for mobile weighing with tilt compensation

Approved for billing based on loaded or unloaded weight

Robust design with durable load cells for fixed mounting with 4 x M24 bolts

Increase the utilisation rate and avoid overloading with the scale’s built-in overload alarm

User-friendly interface with weight display in the cab showing single weighing and total load

Option to store the day’s weighing operations, including fraction information

Print function with individual weights, fractions, date and time, as well as the total for the day

Optional Bluetooth connection allows you to view current weight and operate the scale via your smartphone

Option to add vehicle computer, routing software and RFID system


max 24 tonnes


10 kg < 10t > 20 kg






Rambo’s home sorting in four-compartment bins, complete with chassis scales

Rambo AB was founded in 1981. It is a company owned by the municipalities of Lysekil, Munkedal, Sotenäs and Tanum. Since 2016, four-chamber vehicles has been gradually implemented in Lysekil municipality.

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