Accurate weighing in the lift

Dynamic bin-weighing system for rear loaders and side loaders. Weighs the bin dynamically in the lift and records the collected weight.

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150 kg

2-wheel bins


300 kg

4-wheel bins


0,5–300 kg

Large span

Weight statistics for every collected bin

Our dynamic bin-weighing system is developed for mobile use and compensates for the acceleration of the bin lift and the inclination of the vehicle. The load cell is installed between the bin lift and the bin comb and is connected to a weighing instrument mounted in the cabin.

On vehicles that are not prepared for the scale, the mechanics can be modified for retrofitting.

The bin-weighing system can be connected to the vehicle computer or the B5000 control unit for connection to routing software. By adding a Botek RFID system the weight is automatically connected to the correct bin in the register.

Strong offerings for contractors

Empty bins rattle the most. And cost the most, if they are collected while empty. With a dynamic bin-weighing system, contractors can offer their subscribers fees based on weight statistics from each individual collection.

Advantages of a dynamic bin-weighing system

Our dynamic bin-weighing system is fast and reliable. It accurately weighs the bin in the lift, so the driver doesn’t waste any time on this work.

Standard attachment ensures easy installation for body-builders and chassis dealers

Fast and accurate weighing without stopping the lift

MID and OIML R51-approved for weight-based billing

Robust design with long service life

Self-diagnosis, service log and remote support via Botek Helios web

Easy operation for safe use


B6KV dynamic bin-weighing system

150 kg/2-wheel bins

300 kg/4-wheel bins

Increased capacity upon request


0.5 kg up to 300 kg.

Increased accuracy upon request

Tilt compensation

No limitations


OIML R51 Class Y(b)

CE- and M-marked


Nordisk Återvinning Service equipped with dynamic bin-weighing systems

Nordisk Återvinning Service AB collects solid waste and biowaste for 115 000 households in Gothenburg, with pay-by-weight policy to stimulate recycling. To be able to do this, they need bin weighing- and RFID system.

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