Sveprol Bio Production AB


Sveprol Bio Production AB is part of the MBP Group, which is a world leader in the collection of biological raw materials for by-product production. One of Sveprol Bio Production AB’s many contracts is collecting cocking oil from restaurants and businesses everywhere in Sweden, including the City of Stockholm with surroundings. The collection of used oil means reduced operating problems in the sewage system and also the oil can be recycled as a biological raw material. Stockholm City require the subcontractors to report collected quantities.

Solution and result

Sveprol Bio Products AB weighs the oil when collecting on vehicle-mounted scales from Botek. Examples are scale platform integrated in the tail lift or scale platform mounted in the lorry. Weighing is done with 2 kg division up to a maximum of 1500 kg capacity. Digital routes in Evolution Collector are displayed on an Android tablet in the truck linked to the scale and digital reporting to Stockholm City is done in real time. “We find both scales and software very reliable and easy to use. In addition, Botek is easy to work with” Edvard Andersson - sales and procurements - Scandinavia

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