SUEZ Recycling AB


SUEZ Recycling AB is one of Sweden’s leading recycling and waste management companies with 66 local offices spread all over the country. Effective waste management solutions to private companies is one important business area where statistics on collected waste quantities are an important part of the offer.

Solution and result

SUEZ Recycling AB has developed its own IT platform for logistics and data collection of waste quantities. The vehicles are equipped with scales from Botek which are integrated to SUEZ software. In this example, front loaders for collection of recycling material from the containers, scales are mounted in the forks and weigh from 5 kg accuracy up to 3500 kg capacity. The scales are type-approved and verified as legal-for-trade which means that, in addition to statistics, they can be used for invoicing. ”Suez Recycling AB and Botek have a successful cooperation and we currently have over 300 heavy trucks connected with scales or RFID systems from Botek” Tomas Öman Project Manager / IT