Evolution Office

Evolution Office is the complete application for operation managers and office administration. It is used to plan, optimize and monitor the collection work.

With the planning tool it is easy to re-arrange and improve your routes. New routes can be created based on calendar or with map and addresses. If bins are on the wrong route, you’ll move single ones or whole areas between routes and collection days with a few clicks.

The system gives you a clear overview of planned workload for each vehicle with number of bins remaining and time estimates for each route. The route is optimized with an evolutionary algorithm. For operative planning, there are tools to add or remove bins during operation. The system also provides suggestions of best route and where to put an extra collection. The routes can also be shared between multiple drivers simultaneously.

The optimization tool shows how a route is planned, both in list and on map. Here it is possible to change the order of bins in the route to drive it as efficient as possible, and to make the collection list straight forward for the driver without having to go back and forth in the list. There is also an option to let the system suggest the best route via a automatic route optimization based on predefined parameters.

The optimization functionality works in the background in real time towards Evolution Collector in the vehicle. If a vehicle deviates from the route and start again from another spot, it is possible to let the system calculate a new route based on position and remaining bins.

  • Operational planning
  • Route optimization
  • Real-time monitoring of fleet
  • Bin inventory
  • Reports, KPIs and statistics
  • Export data for invoicing

Evolution Callcenter

Just as the name suggest, Evolution Callcenter is created for customer service. A slimmed down version of Evolution Office where the user easily can search for collections, customers and bins and get a complete overview of provided services. With this tool your customer service department will be able to handle the customer requests professionally and on point.