Evolution Collector

Evolution Collector is a user-friendly route software which supplies the driver with all the information needed for an effective collection work.
The routes, which are created and optimized in Evolution Office, are visible for the driver in a map and in a list.

Dynamic routes
Since the routes are dynamic it is possible for the office administration to change the route during collection. It is also possible for cooperation with multiple drivers on the same route where everyone’s map and list are updated live for each collection.

The built-in optimization in Evolution Server works in real-time towards Evolution Collector in the vehicles. If a vehicle deviates from the planned route and doesn’t continue from the same spot, the driver can choose to calculate the best possible route for collecting the remaining bins.


  • Dynamic routes
  • Routes showing on map and list
  • Aggregated list to address or pick-up points
  • Sort list by optimized route or latest driving order
  • Route navigation or navigate to specific bin
  • New collections pop-up announcement
  • Deviations and photo recording
  • Accumulated weight and overload alarm
  • Weight verification when unloading
  • Text messages


Nordisk Återvinning Service AB collects solid waste and biowaste for 115 000 households in Gothenburg, with pay-by-weight policy to stimulate recycling. To be able to do this, they need bin weighing- and RFID system.

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