A system is not only hardware. To get in full control of the collection work you’ll need a competent software that interprets the data and presents it in a user-friendly interface.

Is there already a great software in use? No problem, we have our own development team and integrate our systems to any software supplier.

We also offer our own software suite Evolution. It contains everything you need to start with weighing, automatic collection recording and digital routes. When implementing the system for you, we always adapt the system to fit your business. We can also integrate the system to your business system for invoicing and CRM.

Evolution Collector

Evolution Collector is a user-friendly route software which supplies the driver with all the information needed for an effective collection work. The routes, which are created and opti...

Evolution Office

Evolution Office is the complete application for operation managers and office administration. It is used to plan, optimize and monitor the collection work. Planning With the planni...