Tail Lift Scale

The tail lift scale is developed for simple and accurate weighing, it is often used for pick-up of hazardous waste and gas tanks. A robust platform scale system is integrated with the lift and can be connected to a computer for registration and communication via mobile internet. A printer is connected to the computer to establish necessary documentation according to ADR regulations.

  • Accurate weighing directly on the vehicle
  • Approved to STAFS 2000:1 and to invoice based on weight and ADR regulation
  • Low investment cost and easy maintenance
  • Robust construction with long life
  • Increase utility rate
  • Can be extended with an RFID-system
  • Capacity: 1 500 kg
  • Accuracy: 2 kg
  • Approval: FI98.1.02
  • Class: III alt. IIII


Sveprol Bio Production AB is part of the MBP Group, which is a world leader in the collection of biological raw materials for by-product production. One of Sveprol Bio Production AB's many contracts is collecting cocking oil from restaurants and businesses everywhere in Sweden, including the City of Stockholm with surroundings. The collection of used oil means reduced operating problems in the sewage system and also the oil can be recycled as a biological raw material. Stockholm City require the subcontractors to report collected quantities.

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