Front loader scale

Our automatic weighing system for front loaders weighs dynamic from all types of containers and 4-wheel bins. The scale is designed for mobile weighing and is compensated for lifter acceleration and inclination of the vehicle without limitations.

The user-friendly interface has a display showing single weighings and total load. It is prepared to use with a RFID-system and the weighing data can be integrated to Botek route software or third-party route software.

The weighing system complies with current standards for mobile weighing and is approved to use for financial transactions, pay-by-weight.

  • Accurate weighing directly on the vehicle
  • Approved according to MID and OIML R51 for trade weighing and domestic pay by weight.
  • Easy to use
  • Robust construction with long lifetime
  • Low investment cost and easy maintenance
  • Capacity: 3 500 kg
  • Accuracy: 5 kg
  • Approval: OIML R51
  • Class: Y(b)


SUEZ Recycling AB is one of Sweden's leading recycling and waste management companies with 66 local offices spread all over the country. Effective waste management solutions to private companies is one important business area where statistics on collected waste quantities are an important part of the offer.

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