Tool for operations managers

Evolution Office is a complete software solution for operations managers and administrative staff. This is where you plan, monitor, optimise and report the daily collection work.

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Operational planning

Evolution Office makes it easy to plan and improve your routes. Use maps and addresses to create new routes based on a collection calendar. If waste bins are on the wrong route, you can move individual bins or entire areas between routes and collection days. The program provides suggestions for the most efficient order of priority.

Add or remove waste containers

The system gives you a clear overview of the division of labour per vehicle with the number of waste containers and time estimates for each route. The order of priority is optimised with an evolutionary algorithm. For operational planning, there are tools to add or remove waste containers from the route during operation. The system also provides suggestions on appropriate routes and where in the route an additional collection should be planned. Routes can also be shared for cooperation between several vehicles.

Order of priority via automatic route optimisation

In the optimisation tool, you can see what a route looks like, both on the map and in the list. Here you can change the order of priority within the route to achieve the most efficient driving possible. Along with the ability to change the order of priority, the driver can also follow the predetermined route without having to jump back and forth in the list. There is also the option to have the system suggest an appropriate order of priority through automatic route optimisation according to specified parameters.

The optimisation function works in real time, communicating with Evolution Collector in the vehicles. If a vehicle deviates from the planned route and does not resume work in the same place, the driver can choose to calculate a new order of priority for the remaining containers.

Evolution Office optimises the route

If you use Botek’s software, you will soon have simplified, improved and streamlined your waste management. Evolution Office is an important part of the improvement process.

lan and improve waste management routes

Optimise and monitor collection work

Add or remove waste containers


Evolution Office

Web-based software

Operational planning

Route optimisation

Real-time vehicle monitoring

Supports on-demand collection and dynamic routing

Container inventory

Reports, KPIs and statistics

Export billing data

Evolution Callcenter

Evolution Callcenter helps your customer service team

Just as the name suggests, Evolution Callcenter is made for customer service. It is a slimmed-down version of Evolution Office in which the user can easily search for customers and containers via a range of criteria. The tool provides customer service representatives with a good overview, allowing them to supply customers with professional and accurate assistance.

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