App for refuse collection vehicles

The routes are visible to the driver both on a map and in a list. Each collection is automatically recorded and deviations are easily handled on the touchscreen.

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Dynamic driving routes


Can be changed in the office



Easy operation via touchscreen



Settings are made at the user level

Easy collection work for the driver

Evolution Collector is a user-friendly Android app that provides the driver with everything they need for efficient collection work. The routes are displayed to the driver both on a map and in a list. The order of priority is optimised for efficient collection.

Mobile work orders

The app also contains features that support the pick-up, exchange and return of containers. Other work in the field can also be planned and reported, such as the distribution of bags, supervision of pick-up points, container repair and tag replacement. With a mobile printer, you can also print out address labels for containers directly from the app.

Dynamic routing in real time

Since the routing is dynamic, the office staff can change a route during collection. It’s also possible for several drivers to collaborate on a route. All users will receive real-time updates about each completed collection.

Evolution Collector makes you better

There are many benefits: the route is optimised and streamlined, resulting in reduced driving time and lower fuel consumption. At the same time, better-planned routes improve customer service.

Dynamic routing

Make changes during an ongoing collection

Real-time updates

Multiple drivers can collaborate on the same route

User-friendly interface

Individual layout settings


Evolution Collector

Android app

Dynamic driving routes

Route on map and in list

Aggregated list of streets or pick-up points

Sort list by optimised route or most recent order of priority


New collections pop-up announcement

Deviations and photo function

Accumulated weight and overload alarm

Weight verification when unloading at facility

Text messages

Search function

Container countdown


Installation and automatic updates via Google Play


Dynamic bin-weighing system

Nordisk Återvinning Service AB collects solid waste and biowaste for 115 000 households in Gothenburg, with pay-by-weight policy to stimulate recycling. To be able to do this, they need bin weighing- and RFID system.

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