Nordisk Återvinning Service AB


Nordisk Återvinning Service AB collects solid waste and biowaste for 115 000 households in Gothenburg, with pay-by-weight policy to stimulate recycling. To be able to do this, they need bin weighing- and RFID system.

Solution and result

Dynamic bin weighing systems was installed in the first 10 vehicles during 2013. The scales are proved to keep high precision over a long period of time - the weight recordings are automatically accumulated and compared to the weighing bridges for each vehicle and fraction. Nordisk Återvinning Service AB has had a successful growth since the beginning. Today, they have more than 50 vehicles with scales and/or RFID systems from Botek. "Botek is a serious supplier, able to adapt thier solutions to meet our high demands" Peter Hultman, CEO Nordisk Återvinning Service AB